This is the first rank you can rank up to. This rank inherits all previous rank features, so if you haven't already, be sure to give those a read. Check out the farmer requirements, perks and commands


  • Diamonds: 32

  • Experience: 5 levels

  • Playtime: 1 hour

  • Votes: 6 votes

Unlocked Perks

  • The ability to set 3 homes

  • The ability to sell 3 items at the auction house

  • The ability to track 2 quests at once

  • The ability to create a grand total of 20 chestshops

Unlocked Commands

  • /pw - Create playerwarps and much more (for a more in-depth guide on how this works, click here)

  • /top - Teleport to the top most block above you

  • /clear - Clear your whole inventory at once

  • /claimflags - Modify your claims and configure your claim to your liking

    • Claim flags you have access to: AllowPvP, NoPickup, NoDrop, NoLeafDecay

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