• Subscription rank price: 10 €

  • Permanent rank price: 60 €

Unlocked Perks

  • The ability to set a total of 14 different homes

  • The ability to set 2 player warps

  • The ability to modify placed paintings/signs

  • The ability to open shulkers without placing them

Unlocked Commands

  • /marry - Access to all marriage features (for a full guide click here)

  • /compass - Set your compass to point to your current location

  • /hat - Equip the item held in your hand as a hat

  • /me - Send a specially colored message in chat

  • /sit - The ability to sit anywhere

  • /head - Gain access to the blocks, plants, decoration category and any player skull

  • /nick - Set your very own nickname (with color)

  • /condense - Condense condensable items

  • /lay, /crawl

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