Crafter (default)

This is the default rank that you will get once you join the server. The features you get with the rank are the default perks you have access to so you won't need to rank up to access these features

Unlocked Perks:

  • The ability to set 2 homes

  • The ability to sell 2 items at the auction house

  • The ability to track a single quest at once

  • The ability to create a grand total of 10 chestshops

  • Access to the crafter kit

Unlocked Commands

  • /msg - Send a message to a player that is online

  • /tpa, /tpahere - Request to teleport to a player

  • /wild (This is only useable in the overworld and in mineworld, eacht with a 5 and 1 minute cooldown respectively)

  • /ah - Access the auction house and sell or buy goods

  • /afk - Mark yourself as afk and get teleported to a safe location

  • /balance, /baltop - View your own balance and your position on the leaderboard

  • /colors, /colorpicker - An overview of all possible color code formats

  • /trash - Throw certain items you have in your inventory in the trash

  • /flyc - If you have flightcharges, you can use /flyc to fly

  • /helpop - Ask for help from staff in-game

  • /sethome, /home, /delhome - Set, teleport or remove a home. (By default you have access to 2 homes)

  • /mail - Send a mail to a person (useful when you want to send a message to a player that is offline)

  • /ignore - Ignore a specific player's chat messages

  • /kit - Make use of the kits you have access to

  • /list - View a list of what players are currently online

  • /near - Check what players are close to you

  • /ping - Check your own ping

  • /playtime, /playtimetop - Check your playtime and who has the most

  • /prewards - Check out if you have some playerrewards waiting for you

  • /rankinfo, /rankup, /ranklist - Check out what your next rank is and rank up if all the requirements are met.

  • /seen - Check when a specific player was last seen online

  • /spawn - Teleport to spawn

  • /tps - Check the server's TPS

  • /warp - Warp to some cool locations and/or events

  • /discord, /discord link - Link your Discord and Minecraft account to synchronize your ranks and get 9 diamonds for free

  • /quest - Open the quests GUI

  • /chestshop - Create chestshops (for a more in-depth guide on how to set up your own shop, click here)

  • /trade - Trade items with other players

  • /recipe - View the recipe of the specified item

  • /claimflags - Modify your claims and configure your claim to your liking

    • Claim flags you have access to: NoOpenDoors, NoVehicle, RaidMemberOnly, AllowBlockExplosions, NoEnter, NoEnterPlayer

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