What is the main feature of our Economy?

CorbaWorld ventures away from the idea of simply having a cash system based economy. With this in mind we decided to surround our server's economy on diamonds!

What ways can I get diamonds in the server?

There are a few ways for you to get diamonds in the server:

  • The first way is of course anything Minecraft based, such as mining or finding them in chests in villages etc.

  • Another way to gain Diamonds is by doing the /quest command and choose a quest to do from the various selection that we provide.

  • Voting also allows for you to get the chance to gain Diamonds in the voting crate.

  • Also, selling items whether it be through the Auction house or Chest shops is also a great way to gain diamonds.

How can I involve myself in the economy?

The best way to gain diamonds and involve yourself in the economy is creating chestshops, whether it be to buy or sell! The CorbaWorld community has set up a marketplace, hop down and consider creating a store. If you aren't feeling the idea of a store, try using the /ah command and sell items via the Auction house.

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