Player warps, like the server's typical warps, enable you to create and teleport to warps set up by other players. There are plenty of nice features to add to your playerwarp.

How do I set up a Playerwarp?

In order to create a playerwarp, you must run the command /pwarp set (name). You will then receive a confirmation text in chat, telling you that it costs 64 diamonds and to run the same command to set the playerwarp.

How do I teleport to Playerwarps?

One of the easiest ways to see and teleport to playerwarps is by running the command /pwarp. A gui will show up on screen and you can navigate through different categories to find the desired warp. Alternatively if you already know the name simply do /pwarp <name>

What other commands are there?

  • /pwarp set - Set a warp to my location.

  • /pwarp remove - Remove a warp.

  • /pwarp cost - Set cost for people to use my warp.

  • /pwarp desc - Set description for my warp.

  • /pwarp help - Display Help menu.

  • /pwarp icon set/remove <Warp> <Material> - Set an icon of your warp in the gui list.

  • /pwarp list - List the names of the playerwarps available.

  • /pwarp - Opens GUI for specific categories, etc.

  • /pwarp password - Set/Remove password on a warp.

  • /pwarp rate - Give a rating to a warp.

  • /pwarp rename - Rename a warp.

  • /pwarp reset - Reset location of a warp.

  • /pwarp setowner - Set a new owner to a warp.

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