ChestShops - A Source of Economy.


You betcha! Just as the name implies, you can create shops using chests! Easy to set up and create a fast growing income, or could be a source to purchase items from other players.

So how do I set up a ChestShop?

Setting up the ChestShop is really easy, all you need to do is place down a chest, after this you left-click the chest with the item you wish to buy/sell. In chat you will be asked to set how many diamonds you are willing to trade for the item(s). Once done, a ChestShop will be created. Of course there are a few more commands you can do which will be discussed below.

So, What commands can I do?

/cs help - Displays the following commands and descriptions.

/cs create - Creates a ChestShop when looking at a chest (alternative to left-clicking)

/cs buy - Changes the ChestShop to a buying shop (You are buying from players)

/cs amount - Changes the amount of items you wish to sell/buy.

/cs item - Changes the item you wish to sell/buy.

/cs price - Changes the price of the item you with to sell/buy.

/cs finditem - Finds locations of ChestShops that sell/buy items you are looking for.

/cs remove - Removes the ChestShop you are looking at.

Extra Tip:

Our server has a player-run market where you can easily set up a shop! /Warp market. Alternatively, create a Playerwarp for a more personal store. (Check out our PlayerWarp guide.)

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