Creative Server?

Our creative server is one of the two currently available worlds for players to enjoy their time on CorbaWorld. It allows players to explore and create new possibilities when creating without the limitation of survival.

How to access the Creative Server?

Accessing the Creative server is very simple, all it requires for players to do is type the command /server creative, once entered players will be teleported to the Creative Server.

Commands in the Creative Server:

  • /plot claim - Allows you to claim an empty plot as your own (no other players can build here without trust).

    • /plot add (Playername) - Allows for certain players to have the ability to build inside of your plot.

    • /plot remove (Playername) - Ability to remove permissions from certain players that can build inside of your plot.

    • /plot merge - Ability to merge two of your plots together (only works if they are claimed beside eachother). You will need to look in the direction of the plot you would like to merge with.

    • /plot visit (Playername) - Ability to visit other player's plots.

    • /plot middle - A helpful command that teleports you to the center of your plot. (You need to stand inside your plot for this to work).

    • /plot home - Teleports you to the dedicated home of a plot.

    • /plot sethome - Ability to change where you want the dedicated home for each plot to be located.

    • /plot delete- Ability to delete the plot that you are currently standing inside (This will reset the plot to a flat empty land)

Can I have more than one plot?

Yes, of course! As of present, players may only have a maximum of four plots. Players will begin with the ability to claim two plots by default. You must vote in order to obtain access to other plots. An extra plot is given in exchange for every 25 votes.

Note: You must vote on the creative server for the votes to count for an extra plot.

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